4 eco-conscious blogs to keep you inspired and informed

4 eco-conscious blogs to keep you inspired and informed

4 eco-conscious blogs to keep you inspired and informed

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite blogs to keep you inspired about a range of different ethical, mindful and sustainable topics. Great for a Sunday browse, or simply some useful resources to keep bookmarked if you’re looking to find eco-friendly options for specific products. They all share a love for slow fashion, clean beauty, zero waste and mindful consumption.

Here are our 4 picks:

Britt’s List

For all things slow and ethical fashion, we recommend Britt’s List to find out about new and exciting brands doing things differently. And by that, we mean ethically and sustainably. We love the city guides (The Ultimate Guide to Ethical Fashion in Brisbane) as well as the helpful tips to keep you motivated about sustainability (10 easy ways to reduce the environmental impact of your wardrobe). Read Britt’s List here.

The Green Hub

From sustainable alcohol brand recommendations to dealing with waste while travelling, to showcasing responsible fashion brands and zero waste beauty. There’s a lot of unique and helpful information over at The Green Hub. Our personal favourite type of content is the ‘tried and tested’ section where you can read honest reviews of eco-friendly products. Read The Green Hub here.

Shift Style

Described as ‘A beautiful guide to mindful consumption’, we couldn’t have summed it up better ourselves. This blog includes how-to guides to inspire a more sustainable and mindful life as well as DIY skin care recipes, brand reviews and sustainable city guides. Read Shift Style here.

The Good Trade

An incredibly broad set of topics spanning from eco-friendly products for parents, to clean beauty, relationships, friendships, fashion and many other lifestyle topics. This is definitely a site you could get lost in for a long time (and that’s not a bad thing). We absolutely love receiving their daily email which shares a few snippets of inspirational posts, podcasts and more to start the day inspired and motivated. Read The Good Trade here.