8 Reasons to Buy Ethical Underwear

8 Reasons to Buy Ethical Underwear

We’ve gathered our 8 most powerful reasons to buy ethically made organic cotton underwear

Intimates may be the smallest items of clothing you own, but they’re still hugely important when it comes to ethical manufacturing. Since we need to replace them on a regular basis we thought it would be great to share our reasons for choosing ethical underwear made from organic cotton and how it helps you, garment workers and the planet. We want people everywhere to make the switch to sustainable lingerie, so we’ve gathered our 8 most powerful reasons to buy ethically made organic cotton underwear.


1. You’ll reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals

Conventional, non-organic cotton is commonly grown with insecticides, fungicides and other harmful chemicals. Exposure to these has been proven to have a poor effect on our health and even be carcinogenic. The wearers of non-organic cotton aren’t the only victims; the production of conventional cotton is extremely damaging to the planet and to the health of the harvest workers. By buying organic cotton underwear, you are putting high-quality, non-toxic materials on your body as well as protecting the health of cotton farmers and not causing further damage to the planet.


2. You will support fair wages

Fast fashion is notorious for paying its workers unfair wages. As an ethical Australian-made lingerie brand, our organic cotton is grown in Turkey, knitted in Portugal, and then manufactured in Sydney, always providing each of our workers with an above-award wage. By supporting our brand, you fight against the unfair treatment of fast fashion workers.


3. Support animal welfare

Choosing organic cotton means that all of our products are vegan and are never made from wool, silk or other animal materials. We believe in the ethical treatment of animals (as well as humans!) and believe that using plant-based materials is a kinder solution that you can feel good about. Why cause harm if we don’t have to?

4. Save money long-term

While fast fashion boasts low prices, it comes hand in hand with poor quality which causes you to purchase more items, more often, that fall apart faster. Slow fashion brands are slow for a reason - creating items of quality that are better for you, your wallet and the planet in the long run.

5. It’s better for your health

Unlike synthetic fabrics which can be known to trap sweat and bacteria, wearing organic cotton underwear helps prevent bacteria growth and can even reduce the likelihood of yeast infections.

6. You will lead a more minimalist lifestyle

The fashion industry wants consumers to buy new products every week, making you feel like you are never part of the new trend. This leads to huge amounts of money spent and clothes never worn. Sustainable fashion helps you to focus on what you actually need and what you feel most confident in. Buy less, buy better.

7. Support fair working conditions

You have probably heard about large fashion companies using prison labor to manufacture lingerie or running sweatshops within crumbling buildings. Slow fashion is produced on a small scale and often oversees exactly how all of their workers are being treated. No one wants to wear clothes that have human suffering included in the price tag.

8. Fight fast fashion

Nearly all of these points allude to fighting fast fashion, and it is the decisions that you make with your dollar that fight this battle most effectively. By supporting businesses that share your values, you stop filling the pockets of companies that destroy the planet and place a low value on human life. Small businesses are harder to run but put the time and effort in to producing products in an ethical, mindful way.