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Breasts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you might not have known this, but your breast shape can dictate which bra style would best suit you. Who knew! (Well you might have, but it took us a while to clue onto this fact.)

In order to help you find a bra that works best for you, we've outlined the most common breast shapes below and suggested bra styles to compliment them.

Shallow Breasts

Shallow breasts have less volume at the top. They are common in both smaller and larger bust sizes.
Shallow breasts would suit a cup with less coverage and wide-set straps. Wide-set straps are common on balconette bras, and demi bras are designed to cover less of the breast and push up the volume of the lower part of the breast.



Slender Breasts

Slender breast shape
Slender breasts are generally found on smaller cup sizes. The breasts sit longer than they do wide.
Slender, tubular breasts may suit a plunge bra as it helps to center them while giving them lift. Depending on your cup size and how tubular your breasts are, a bra with padding on the outer curve by the armpit could also be a good match.



East West

East west breast shape
East West breasts are wide-set, and point outwards.

If your breasts rest to the sides a balconette can be a great bra to sit them more towards the front. If you find the underwire isn’t comfortable you can try a wireless bra with a triangular shape such as a bralette.




Conical breast shape
Conical breasts are slightly perky, have little to no volume at the top of the breast, and tend to point outward away from the body. Rather than being round, they are more cone-shaped.
To achieve more of a natural shape and comfortable fit, consider a plunge bra with a little padding. This will push the apex of the breast in and upwards.




Teardrop breast shape
Teardrop breasts are higher set, are fairly well supported naturally and have a slight bell shape at the bottom.
Suited to almost any bra style, the choice is yours! Choose a bra style based on preference.




Asymmetrical breast shape
Asymmetrical breasts have one breast larger than the other, which is incredibly common! In fact, more than half of all women have uneven breasts.
Start by shopping for the shape and volume of the larger breast. A contour cup bra is a great option to shape the smaller breast. You could even go for a bra with removable cookies, taking out the cookie in the larger cup and leaving the other one in.




Relaxed breast shape
Relaxed breasts are naturally deep or longer, and are semi-supported.
If you’re smaller than a DD+ cup, you might find the best option to start is a plunge style bra. This helps guide your breasts to the front but will leave plenty of space for natural cleavage.
Larger sizes would be better off starting with a full cup bra. If you are on the more mature side, you may also want to try a full cup bra that is multi-seamed to create a round shape and give extra support.




Round breast shape
Round breasts can be natural or a result of breast augmentation. They are full in shape, and self-supported.
As your breasts are naturally supported even without a bra, you can choose any style you please. Consider the type of look you’d like to achieve and match away!



Wide Set

Wide set breast shape
Wide set breasts sit with around 3 finger-widths of space between them. Unlike east-west breasts, they don’t point outwards but are typically facing forward.
In order to position your breasts away from the sides (which can be uncomfortable!), an underwire bra can help your breasts sit more comfortable at the front. If you’d prefer to avoid underwire, a triangle-shaped wireless bra is a great option. Any additional support at the sides such as boning or seaming is ideal too.

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